A Guide for Buying Guitar Picks: 6 Things to Consider

Guitar picks

Guitar picks are the quietest amplifier and the bridge between you and your instrument. The guitar pick that best suits you’re playing style and provides you with the tone and control you require is the one you should use. This guide will look at the top six things to consider when choosing the right guitar pick for your guitar playing. Your guitar picks greatly influence your playing.

What are the top 6 things to consider when choosing a guitar pick? 

  1. Thickness

A thinner guitar pick is a good option if you're just starting on the guitar. Consider a Guitar Pick Thin that works well when you need more control. Also, take into account how thick your strings are. A guitar pick's thickness is frequently used to identify it when buying one.

  1. Shape

Additionally, the sizes and shapes of guitar picks vary. A standard or classic guitar pick with one sharp point and a pointed top is a good go-to choice. There are also "tri-tip" guitar picks, which have the same shape on all three sides and can be held in any way you want. 

  1. Size

There are Thin, Medium, and Heavy gauges of Tik Pik. You can quickly identify the pick you require at a glance because they are color-coded. The nano-suction technology that is subject to patent pending is the key to TikPiks. TikPik can stick to your guitar like a magnet thanks to thousands of tiny suction cups. 

  1. Material

Guitar picks today are typically made of nylon and other plastics, but they can also be made of metal, wood, or glass. Picks made of nylon are a good place to start. They are light and flexible, making them a good choice for beginners, strumming, and situations where you don't need a lot of control or precision.

  1. Your Guitar type

A thinner nylon guitar pick might be a good place to start when selecting a pick for an acoustic guitar.In general, you should choose a pick that is thicker for the electric Guitar Lessons than for the acoustic guitar.

  1. Grip

The material, shape, size, and surface texture of a guitar pick all contribute to its grip. The grip will also be directly affected by external factors like sweaty hands. If you find that playing the guitar makes your hands sweat, you can avoid this.


Music is beautiful because of the infinite combinations that can be made using the guide mentioned above. There are thousands of different styles of guitar picks available at Tik Pik. Visit their website for more information. 

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